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      Relic Challenges – Update 0.1.50

November 8, 2019

Mysterious statues are appearing in the haunted tower.
These relics of Weirdwood seem to contain a spectral energy.
But how curious that they seem to present a challenge?
What rewards or dangers might they bring?

We launched Spectro into early access last month and have gotten some great feedback in the meantime. Lots of players are enjoying the gameplay loop – it’s a roguelike set in a ghost buster style haunted tower. Most players really like the variety of challenges the ghosts present but the one critique we were getting a lot was about one of the mechanics for completing searching challenges. Some players loved them and others just wanted to just keep busting ghosts. We decided to make this a separate optional challenge using a new system we’re calling Relic Challenges. We just added it in the latest update which includes slightly re-balanced levels and additional types of these optional challenges to give players more variety in gameplay.

If you play Spectro we’d love to hear what you think!

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