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      Happy Holidays from Borrowed Light!

December 16, 2015


A quick update about what’s been going on at Borrowed Light. I’ve been focusing all my efforts on our next VR experience, a game that will be announced early in the new year. There is procedural generation involved so a lot of time has been spent figuring out what techniques work best for the unique style of gameplay. Most procedural level generation techniques seem to be geared towards sprawling dungeons — which is not exactly what we needed — I’m looking for tighter level layouts which means there can’t be a bunch of empty space surrounding each room, instead I want there to be a compactness to the floor plan. I’ll be going into more detail about my approach in a later post.

In addition to that, I’m starting on designs and concepts for the characters and environments. It’s been a process of prototyping and revising before getting to any kind of visual design stage. I think it’s so important to nail your core mechanic before getting into this phase so that’s been my primary goal.

I am also hoping to do a post on the “rapidly exploring random tree” algorithm I’ve been putting together for the NPC characters. A lot to come in 2016! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

In the meantime, happy holidays from Borrowed Light!


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