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July 14, 2017

Just thought I would update the blog here because it’s been so long! We’ve been pretty deep into development on Spectro here. A lot of exciting progress has been made with the ghost AI and how it reacts to the procedural generated levels. That was a tricky challenge but things are coming together. In the meantime we had to push the release date back a bit, we’ll announce the new date here as soon as we can.

We’re using Aron Granberg’s A* pathfinding solution for Unity with a lot of custom AI behavior layered on top. That plug in is excellent though so definitely check it out if you’re looking for pathfinding in Unity and the native solution isn’t enough. It came in handy especially for dynamically generating navmeshes at runtime. Something Unity can’t do on its own.

In addition to the AI we’ve also got cool things like gated level flow for houses with hidden keys and treasure placed in ideal locations each time a new house is generated. More on this soon. For now, back to coding!

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